B Channammallikarjuna

B. Channammallikarjuna is a General Manager with Brinmor Constructions Pvt. Ltd. With a Diploma in Civil Engineering from P. E. A Polytechnic, Chitradurga, he brings in over 27 years of industrial, infrastructure, external development, commercial/residential multi-storied and villas project experience.

Channammallikarjuna’s thoughtfulness, his quick analysis of the situation, alertness, intuition, convincing nature, managing the resources makes his a very good crisis manager be it with client, vendor or subcontractor or labourers or general public. He tactfully manages company resources and finds innovative ways to mobilise teams within a very short period and meet the client’s requirements in resource handling, making him a client’s favourite person or a go to person. Client prefers him to be at site during project start and closeout by developing and winning their trust in him.

Channammallikarjuna is a family man with two sons. He is an animal lover, especially dogs and helped recoup many stray dogs.