Sudhir G Avalakki

Sudhir G. Avalakki is one of the two cofounders of Innovative Constructions, currently Brinmor Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Equipped with a BE degree from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore and an MS degree in Environmental Engineering from The University of Texas, El Paso, USA, Sudhir has a sound educational background in the field of engineering. He brings in over 30 years of work experience, including 20 years of diverse international experience in designing, building and management of various sectors like pipeline, refinery, air force base and commercial/residential projects.

Prior to Brinmor, Sudhir worked in California for about 18 years, in various capacities in the fields of engineering/management in consulting and oil and gas sectors. His passion to add “constructively” to the landscape of the city he grew up in, brought Sudhir back to Bangalore.

Sudhir’s thoughtfulness, detailed planning, process-oriented, sequencing, follow-up, attention-to-detail, perfectionist and very practical nature brings proactive mode of operation and thoroughness in execution. His forté in advising, mentoring and very good communicator from the client to employees to workers making him a very successful operations planner, leader and a great teacher to the employees. His experience in various projects makes him handle any complex projects with confidence, maturity and practicality. A firm believer in delivering anything with integrity makes him very popular with client, architects and designers.

He is a devoted family man with three kids and values family and friends. He loves yoga, meditation, cycling, golf, travelling and anything outdoors.

Brinmor stands for building long term trusting relationships with clients, and between staff and management. The company itself grew out of close friendships. Suresh, a close friend, philosoper and guide for Sudhir soon metamorphosised into a dependable business mentor for the company. Rajashekhar, who began as one of the closest college buddies for Sudhir, joined the Brinmor team as a partner adding the value of his expertise and experience to the company.